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  1. Cookie-boy

    River Deveron Salmon Fishing

    I had a "Brilliant" week on the Deveron at Muiresk with two pals one July. Never saw a fish but what a gigantic piss up that was! It's all reletaive. And frankly, for 90% of us nowadays 5 fish landed in a week is a bloody good week!
  2. Cookie-boy

    Season 2020 - By the skin of my teeth

    Best post of the season! Thanks!
  3. Cookie-boy

    Strangest thing youve seen fishing?

    Fishing the gorge at Lazonby on the Eden. Noticed what looked like several cows sitting or lying in the water against the far bank. Looked up and saw more cows hanging from trees that grew out of the cliff face. It was the most distressing scene. Eventually a man absailed down the cliff to...
  4. Cookie-boy

    also weird and wonderful

    He was a brave f***er! :oops:
  5. Cookie-boy

    Nice pint out of my nom de plume

    I don't even eat biscuits! My non de plume comes from a time when I would organise salmon fishing trips to Ireland and Scotland and take lodge accomodation. None of my fishing pals good cook so much as a piece of toast so each day I would prepare breakfast and dinner, hence the nickname came about.
  6. Cookie-boy

    Upstream I or Downstream

    Took a trout fishing friend who had only ever fished the chalk streams of Hampshire on his first ever salmon fishing trip to the North Esk at Gannochy. In lowish water I set him up with an 11" grilse rod and floating line with a little silver stoat cone head. Leaving him to it I went downstream...
  7. Cookie-boy

    New fishing transport for next year.......................

    How's the sea trout fishing down there? On busines trips tp Eastbourne I cross a number of rivers and always wondered if they were worth a go?
  8. Cookie-boy

    Big bird by the sea side

    Reminds me of the days when I used to fish the Eden at Lazonby and the Tornado's would fly up the gorge at warp speed whatever!
  9. Cookie-boy

    How was your season ?

    Utter crap!
  10. Cookie-boy

    Thats all folks

    Fished it many times from the other bank. Happy days!
  11. Cookie-boy

    Thats all folks

    His Mows, is that up through the Loups?
  12. Cookie-boy

    Personal Best to end the season

    Now that tail IS like a shovel! Well done!
  13. Cookie-boy

    Do you think it matters what fly

    A taking fish is a taking fish. It'll take your granny's thong if it comes past his nose.
  14. Cookie-boy

    What would you have done?

    Without wishing to sound clever I have personally had more success going "bigger" in those situations than smaller. Weirdly.
  15. Cookie-boy

    What would you have done?

    I recall a man once telling me he had taken six salmon from a single pool on the Deveron at Huntley on a trout rod with a hare's ear nymph. All in a two hour period. I called bull**** at the time but perhaps now I'm older and wiser he probably did?
  16. Cookie-boy

    What would you have done?

    Yes, and at that point he tied on a prawn! As we all would! ;)
  17. Cookie-boy

    My first fly caught fish, river Eden

    Love the Eden. I've fished Warwick Hall, nice beat but cut my salmon fishing teeth at Lazonby 35 years ago.
  18. Cookie-boy

    My first fly caught fish, river Eden

    Classic autumn fish! Fantastic! Which beat out of interest?
  19. Cookie-boy

    14lbs+ river wear sea-trout

    Sea trout of a lifetime! Fantastic!
  20. Cookie-boy

    What happened to this fish ?

    it's a west country sea trout, isn't it? So not farmed?