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  1. marty31

    weired wonderfull but shouldn't be there

    Sitting eating lunch last week, social distancing as the previous 8 months one in one vehicle one in other 4 metres apart, one facing one way one facing the other, my work mate, who knows naff all about birds, but knows I have a little knowledge, had been watching a strange bird feeding, this ...
  2. marty31

    The sizing of carfully returned salmon

    Recently one of our very experienced syndicate members with a hell of a lot of salmon under his belt, reported a biggish fish measured, then carefully returned! he was reluctant to enter it into our book until a second opinion, was given, I sought advice from a experienced tweed gillie, who...
  3. marty31

    slow times on the once mighty tweed

    talking to a old friend and once tillmouth gillie, he was asking if I knew how the beat was doing, I replied no but would find out, and to my horror only 2 salmon last week, 27 for the whle of October, 282 for the season so far? he also looked in horror, replying in his not so long away day...
  4. marty31

    the north sea drift netters still exist

    having been told umpteen times the north sea nets are finished this year and we all can expect far bigger runs as a result, I thought I was seeing things when passing alnmouth bay and saw the same cobles fishing the same births as previous years, close to the shore where the salmon are well...
  5. marty31

    idiots with guns

    £500.00 fine for man who says he mistakenly shot a protected buzzard on pheasant shoot on ralia estate newtonmore "keith riddoch of Aberdeen was found guilty at inverness sheriff court of reckless shooting, and told if he couldn't tell the difference between a pheasant and a buzzard he should...
  6. marty31

    tweed autumn fishing its going from bad to ????

    water a good hight, Monday October 2nd prime time, 11 fish caught, that's for the whole river! fishpall and tweedbeats whats happened? this cannot go on, at least not at the price the fishing is now:eek:
  7. marty31

    east arkengarthdale estate in north yorkshire

    a ping on my email last week brought yet another disgraceful incident concerning grouse moors to light "in December 2014 the rspb investigation team observed then uncovered a illegal buried poison cache, incredibly nobody was prosecuted for this illegal stash and despite the best efforts of the...
  8. marty31

    tweed autumn run

    the tweedbeats editorial mentions that the Paxton netting station, now this year only used by the tweed foundation for scientific purposes, netted 6-7 times in September-October and never caught 1 salmon in perfect water conditions, how unbelievably scary is that? no wonder the old crew threw...
  9. marty31

    cyber attack

    has anybody else had their like total deducted by 20% sometime in last few days or is it just me? doesn't really matter at all, but couldn't do with my profile age going up by 20% to compensate, a quick calculation dosent put a smile on my face :cool::mad:
  10. marty31

    lifestyle change

    anybody fancy a total change in career? the new owners of the horncliffe beat (bottom tweed) are advertising for a head boatman/gillie, its up for grabs ;) be quick, it wont be on the shelf long:eek:
  11. marty31

    where does charity begin or end?

    my 85 year old mother received a letter just before Christmas 2014, from Christian aid explaining the water crisis in some African countries, the letter was based on her making a donation, her response was to send a cheque for £100.00 pounds, a full year later (xmas 2015) she received more a...
  12. marty31


    storm eva has arrived, is rained heavy since the small hours, our local river (aln) is into the fields again, and the tweed at lunch time 11ft 6in and rising, no good bleating, they haven't found the man that can change the weather yet, we all are at the mercy of the gods, more interested in...
  13. marty31

    Free stretch closed ???

    The free stretch in durham city is to be closed for fishing for 2016 and beyond :confused: conservationists have condemned this area as "salmon and seatrout poaching on a industrial scale" a new bylaw is being sought that will ban all types of fishing in this area? no fishing signs to be erected...
  14. marty31

    storm desmond

    with the tweed a lunch time at 13 feet and rising at norham we pulled out the boats and chained them up for the winter it all looked pretty scary, if it rises much more our fishing hut will be floating around in the north sea like the mary celeste looks like Cumbria seems to be hit even worse...
  15. marty31

    Another fish for Marty31

    Just returned from a nice holiday abroad, only to hear about floods and high water! still Saturday means fishing these days, river running at 1ft 10 ins bit big for us, however after half a hour, rewarded with this silver, long tailed sea liced beauty. 7lb, not huge, but beauty makes up for...
  16. marty31

    my first for 2015

    lovely weather today, plenty birds singing, sedge warblers, chiff chaf, woodpecker, drumming, willow warblers, all down by the river then out the blue, my first of the season, a est 7lb sea licer no pic, stumbling around on my own, fish put back safely, squire pool horncliffe, one perfect day...
  17. marty31

    Highland Route March

    Last weekend took us to the Cairngorms. Arrived Friday night, checked in to the hotel, then meal &drinks. Saturday morning up early and breakfast, then drove to "glenmore lodge". Our route march started through the stunning ryvoan pass, past the "green lochan" then the "ryvoan bothy", down to...
  18. marty31

    Tweed opens with success

    what a opening day for "junction" 10 salmon for opening day that's not a bad start! biggest 16lb proper salmon too, none of these fishy, iffy, whishy, washy skinny kelty salmon, proper spring salmon, you can see from the photos (biologists not needed) all on fly (fly only) not heard of catches...
  19. marty31

    A seriously big salmon

    After what might well be described as the worst salmon fishing season in living memory, with the tweed being no exception! I needed something to give me even the slightest little bit interest in the season very soon to follow. The marty 31 archive photo album had to come out of mothballs...
  20. marty31

    the forty grand man

    more from this months t&s the editor Andrew flitcroft refers about a man! a very keen man, by the sounds of it, who (believe it or not) has spent forty grand on salmon fishing! and has not had a salmon (not even one) I mean everybody knows its been a hard year! but forty grand:(:( that's hard...