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  1. wormo

    Maradona dead

    Ronaldo is a freak of nature , but I would still rather watch Maradona every day of the week he was a rough guts and glory type of player that got kicked up and down the place because of his skill a real raw salt of the earth type Ronaldo is too much of a poser and a brand his supposed...
  2. wormo

    Maradona dead

    a few disappointing comments here on a player who is undoubtedly one of the best players to ever kick a ball , yes he took drugs and drink is he the only one who done that ? I think not , a flawed genius R.I.P Diego
  3. wormo

    The Dog Gone Thread;

    lovely story Ard , hard not to get emotional reading through that we get so attached to them, more faithful that 99% of humans and demand so little
  4. wormo

    River Nith 2020

    jesus wept that's grim 😫
  5. wormo

    Diawa Air AGS

    yeah the 13 interests me , but it ain't cheap plenty good rods at that price and top of the line if u go 2nd hand , thats the problem it would have to be really good , and defo try b4 u buy , resale value would be poor aswel I bet
  6. wormo

    Kylie shrimp

    first go at these , really like the colour cant beat a bit of copper and orange
  7. wormo

    some recent ghillies and cascades

    a few i done over the weekend
  8. wormo

    Diawa Air AGS

    I think the problem with previous daiwa salmon rods was the image, it to me portrayed old and traditional, their trout rods are great but I think they got left behind in the wake of Manufacturers making fast action lighter rods the likes of guideline , loop etc even shakespeare, who's only...
  9. wormo

    Clyde raiders

    also the original i think has a varnished / resin body
  10. wormo

    Clyde raiders

    yep but I used copper wire
  11. wormo

    Clyde raiders

    actually these are not clyde raiders as I was told , so re done some i got the wing wrong it should by dyed yellow squirrel not black fox the body is glowbright no4 and opal mirage tinsel
  12. wormo

    Clyde raiders

    its a secret 🙈
  13. wormo

    Made in England Hardy swift 1025

    superb condition with case and box made in England biggest size one looking for £160 + p&p
  14. wormo

    Clyde raiders

    tied on #8 & 10 Nordic doubles
  15. wormo

    PC threshold

    why stop at Christmas let's all fek off and live in individual caves , never speak another word to each other and end the human race , a mere smile is worthy of the death penalty ?
  16. wormo

    modern classics

    From the Gowan and Egan stable no doubt took 1000s of fish and a staple for any flee box
  17. wormo

    Posts on classified

    could it not be possible for the original poster /seller to edit to mark as sold , would make things easier ?
  18. wormo

    Whiting exclusive hen cape

    hi guys looking to sell this, brand new , great colour golden straw but can tell by looking at it the feathers are too small for my needs looking for £20 inc post or swap for a yellow 4b cape
  19. wormo

    park shrimps

    a few parks done on #12,14 and 16
  20. wormo

    A time for heros

    you know we deserved that , although I disagree with the late subs , there seemed to be a calm around our pens, any football minded scot can wake up tomorrow with a spring in there step sn a big cheezy grin