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  1. Hemmy

    R.I.P Nobby

    A genuine footballing great......
  2. Hemmy

    Lordy appears to have given up

    Tweedbeats........Lordy reckons he’s doing no more weekly rants against spinning,killingfish,drop in standards etc etc He’s concluded that no one is taking any notice or something to that effect
  3. Hemmy

    Weber Q 1200 bbq

    Thinking of getting a wee gas bbq and like the look of these. Not done anything bbqing for 20 odd years. Can anyone recommend the 1200 or come up with alternatives please ?
  4. Hemmy

    DOGged Isolation

    Out for a stroll with mr Peroni and 3 amigos
  5. Hemmy

    Influence of weather

    Only one fish caught on Tweed system,a few on the Dee and a few more on the mighty Tay. Clearly the weather appears to have taken its toll last week. From the warmth of a chair next to a coal fire in wet and miserable Lincolshire I am contemplating planning a few trips North of the Border as I...
  6. Hemmy

    Soon to be kicked in to touch

    I for one will be pleased to kick the erse of 2018 (green or otherwise) as far in to touch as I possibly can. Totally unexpected and sudden bereavements and resultant personal problems have ensured No fishing at all No shooting at all Only I days Deerstalking early on No flytying since...
  7. Hemmy

    Technosaur requests help

    I have to rely on phone to view forum etc as 1) I don't own a computer and wouldn't even know how to switch one on 2) my iPad is first version,out of date and unable to upgrade.cannot open many photos,videos,YouTube etc on forum posts. I am struggling with phone due to small screen size and feel...
  8. Hemmy

    Hard times in the Borders

    Just seen closing down sale advert for Borders Angling Centre,Galashiels. More fishing related businesses to follow suit me thinks :sad:
  9. Hemmy

    Hard as nails

    Where is best place to get this please?
  10. Hemmy


    Mmembers of the team and apparently management have brought Australian cricket to its knees........blatant premeditated cheating has been admitted......all those involved should be sacked and banned........this could have serious consequences for the future of the Ashes and test cricket in...
  11. Hemmy

    Help with zonkas please

    Have recently seen a number of cracking flies on here using zonka. I have acquired zonka strips in various colours but it all seems to be a generous 4mm width and to my eye looks a bit big . My questions are 1) is 4 mm too wide And 2) if it is what is best way to cut it ? Any help and useful...
  12. Hemmy

    Pink and pearlies

    Wee shoal of Pink and Pearlies migrating North for the fly swap.
  13. Hemmy

    Return of the green ersed ghillie

    My entry for February fly swap......ghillie variant / deviant .....for full recipe see February fly swap thread :nod::nod::nod:
  14. Hemmy

    Monkeying about

    Wee oddments bottle Green erse Yellow hen beard Yellow marble fox underwing Sparkle Black nayat (4 inches) Red thread
  15. Hemmy

    Silver and copper

    Inspired by silver seekers micro tubes and my favourite coloured salmos Small copper coloured tube Red grey squirrel Red badger cock JC Small silver tungsten cone
  16. Hemmy

    Trio of devils

    First time at vice for months....started off with three Red Devil’s for Ayrshire rivers
  17. Hemmy

    Absent members

    Postings on another thread about absent members got me thinking about the meaning of "membership" of a forum like this (yes I am clearly bored this morning as I await the effects of last nights alcohol diminishing). How many members are there?.......over 13000 according to the info. Take a look...
  18. Hemmy


    My first visit to the vice in months....this one inspired by Ryan Houston
  19. Hemmy


    Clan Cunningham....height 6ft3ins.......waist 40/42ish..... Needed for family function later this year Don't want to hire Can anyone recommend a good kilt maker /supplier please Have looked on Internet but could do with some recommendations please. Would consider second hand in very good...
  20. Hemmy

    Clan Cunningham kilt wanted

    Can anyone point me in right direction......6ft 3ins tall.....40/42 ish waist.....