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Thread: Marchog Series

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    Default Marchog Series

    Perhaps some twenty years ago, a magazine now no longer in existence published an article on the Marchogs. I think there were six flies altogether. I remember sitting up in bed when I was ill, tying them on a bed tray. I then lent my fly-box to a guy who was fishing the Annan and he lost most of them. From memory there was a blue, yellow, red and black Marchog, but I can't recollect the other two. Does anyone have all or any of the patterns, please?

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    Try Successful Sea Trout Angling by Graeme Harris & Moc Morgan, which gives dressings for 5 Marchogs + detailed instructions for making the mount, on pages 349-351.

    There is a whole page colour plate with the dressings between page 288 & 289.


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    Here are two of the dressings.

    Marchog Coch (Red Knight)

    Hook- 8 -10,
    Tying silk- Red,
    Butt- Red silk,
    Body- Flat gold tinsel, ribbed with fine silver wire,
    Wing- Paired red tail feathers from golden pheasant,
    Outer- Yellow body feathers from golden pheasant,
    Topping- Four strands of peacock sword.

    March Glas (Blue knight)

    Hook- 8 - 10,
    Tying silk- Black,
    Butt- Red fluorescent woll,
    Body- Silver tinsel ribbed with gold,
    Hackle- Golden pheasant red body hackle,
    Wing- Two pairs of blue feathers,
    Cheeks- A plymouth rock feather,
    Topping- Four strands of peacock herl.

    Hope this helps you.

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