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    Default East Lothian Tyne ST

    Hi All, recently moved to EL. There are a couple of old threads on the EL Tyne however thought i would post a fresh one. Does anyone here fish the Tyne for ST? I had a walk the other day down stream from Tyninghame Bridge and spotted a pod of what i assume to be finnock. Was this a total fluke, or are there still ST coming in at this time of year? Cheers, EJR

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    I don't know about fishing at this time of year, ejr, but a sighting of finnock is always good news. But my spies (both good lads, incidentally) tell me that local anglers resent visitors and it has been known for strangers' cars to be vandalised. I suggest you park some distance away and cycle to the river, then hide your bike behind a wall. It's the world we live in, I fear.

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