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    Default Fly Reel with good drag system

    Hi any you guys have any general info on some good fly reels with good,strong drag system for using for a trip to canada

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    Double handed, single handed? Budget?

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    Double, middle range budget 13/14ft rod

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    Best value for a premium reel with a sealed drag to stop a truck is Danielsson. With the post-election jump in the value of sterling it will now be close on 5% cheaper than last week.

    The reels are made in Sweden in their own plant to their own design. The quality is superb.

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    Lamson's have excellent drag and are currently on sale

    Waterworks Lamson Liquid 4 Reel |

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    I use Hatch, Nautilus and Tibor reels for saltwater fishing and their drags are great.

    Last summer I took a chance on a cheap (just over £100) Snowbee XS reel. I used it on a king salmon trip to Alaska and it worked fine on fish to 30lb. I was pleasantly surprised ! The Hatch I took as backup didnít get used.

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    There's a good selection of S.A system two,s on ebay at the moment.
    Solid built reel with a superb drag.


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    My money would be on a vision deep, the drags better than my hardy and it holds a ton of backing.
    The new guideline favo is a nice reel with nice drag too but not had mine long enough to say how it will last but solidly built. (I would go a size up in one as mines slightly small for the rating in my opinion)
    Also as above you wont go far wrong with a system 2, silky smooth drag plus nice and weighty in bigger sizes if thats what you prefer.

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    I have to agree with MCXfisher on the Danielsson and you have 3 models that you could choose from to suit your budget.
    Up to 14ft double hander
    L5W 8twelve - Danielsson Flyreels - Danielsson Flyreels Webshop

    13/15ft double hander
    H5D-series - Danielsson Flyreels

    The small model for single hander and Switch rods. The middle size for 13/15ft double handers. The LARGE one for sea fishing and big Double handers.
    Control-series - Danielsson Flyreels
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tangled View Post
    Lamson's have excellent drag and are currently on sale

    Waterworks Lamson Liquid 4 Reel |
    I have two Konic's which are similar and the drag is very good. This model is good for single handed rods. If you are after a reel for a double handed rod then I would suggest the LAMSON GURU 4

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