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    Default Do I need new gear for the salt?

    I should have the opportunity to spin and plug for bass around the Weymouth/Portland area on a few occasions this year.

    I have some nice salmon spinning gear such as Hardy Marksman Spin and Diawa Samurai rods and a couple of Shimano 6000 reels loaded with braid.

    Would I be ok using these in the salt?

    I don't normally worry about excuses for buying new gear but it seems such a waste to buy special gear for a few trips.

    All advice greatly appreciated.

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    A few trips will be fine if you wash down with fresh water, and a bit of WD40 after drying will keep them mint.

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    Absolutely. As long as you wash them very well afterwards. And do it immediately. Leave them in the boot of a car for a few hours and things are beginning to go down hill super fast.

    I use standard kit in the sea on holidays from time to time. Always put the kit into tepid to warm water, just fill the bath up and lob them in and swoosh about then leave for a few hours. If away from base I carry fresh water and pour it over the reel in particular and rod too before getting to a proper supply of fresh water.

    Wash your flies as well.

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    Use my gear in tidal stretches all the time with no issues. Quick rinse under the tap when i get home and never had any issues. Most decent reels have shielded stainless bearings so shouldnt be troubled too much by the salt.

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    Thank you all for your replies.

    It's as I hoped, I'll save my money for some nice lures.

    Thanks again


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    Only if your find reels that can stop a small diesel sub and blue coloured rods to be better companions at the seaside - otherwise no....but...different matter if you're chasing GT's and Bumpies etc in the Tropics.

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    Agree: it's definitely the lures that count. Your equipment will be fine, but wash and lubricate it religiously!

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