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    Default Pink Salmon Now Caught in Newfoundland


    Pink salmon have ranged even further out into the Atlantic than UK shores it seems – now reaching the rivers in Newfoundland according to this report from CBC News yesterday…

    Two recent cases of pink salmon being found in Newfoundland and Labrador rivers are most likely the result of a stocking program — just not one on this continent.

    Instead, the pink salmon likely came across the Atlantic from Russia, according to Steve Sutton of the Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF).

    CBC was sent a photo of a pink salmon that was caught in the Gander River last week, and Sutton says another was caught two weeks earlier in Cartwright, Labrador.

    Pink salmon are native to regions around the Pacific Ocean and are rarely seen in this part of the world. They are distinguishable from Atlantic salmon because of their greenish colour and the fact that adult males have a large hump on their bodies not seen with their Atlantic cousins….

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    this might not be from across the pond - but instead fish that have made it out of the Great Lakes, down the St Lawrence river and out to sea.

    there is anecdotal evidence of steelhead and other salmons turning up on Canadas East coast. I believe they have just started to study it seriously.

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