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    Default Scottish Salmon Company (SSC) gets FOS cert.......Sticking Plaster or cure?

    UK salmon farmer the Scottish Salmon Company (SSC) has been awarded Friend of the Sea (FOS) certification.

    The endorsement is widely recognized across international markets, with stringent controls over environmental, economic and social responsibility, said SSC.

    With 60 sites across the west coast of Scotland and Hebrides, the farmer has been recognized for its commitment to areas such as habitat management, water quality and social responsibility of the communities in which it operates. SSC is now able to display the official FOS logo on its products.

    “Provenance and sustainability are paramount to our business and it is very important for us to have this certification," said SSC CEO Craig Anderson. "A Friend of the Sea mark of quality on our Scottish salmon provides our customers with the guarantee that they are buying salmon produced sustainably in Scotland and to the highest quality standards.”

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    You can buy accreditation from a variety of sources for whichever product you happen to produce. You just need to pay their annual fee and they will make sure you negotiate your way through the system unless you are very silly. Doesn't stop the immense harm that the salmon farming industry is doing to our native fish and the wider environment.Ignore it, I say.

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    S.S.C. another rubbish statement

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