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Thread: Fighting Kings

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    In all the 5 years I fished for Kings in the Togiak, biggest a Kenwood Bumper, according to our guide, of 50lbs, I never used anything other than 20lb Maxima. The guides on the Florida Keys swear by it and I have boated Tarpon up to 160lbs on that line after towing the boat for miles.
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    I live in the Catskills in upstate NY and regularly fish the Oswego River , a trib to Lake Ontario . What if do is wade out to the dam and when the run is in full force , they swim up hit the dam and are sorta stuck . Lots of guys do the same as me so fishing is challenging , LOTS of hookups but landing is tough due to the other guys around . I tend to agree that 15 lb tippet is optimal , thatís what I use, goin too heavy may reduce hookups if they see it; trade off is however, more break offs. Iíve learned that I need to tie a knot connecting Tippet to swivel using a doubled up knot ( a Palomar?) and it wonít break but sometimes the Tippet itself does . When that happens , Iím a little self critical second guessing my aggression with the fight but if youíre not aggressive enough , oftentimes they run and wrap around other fisherman and you lose them that way. Overall shouldnít it be best to get the fight over with ASAP?

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    I fished for kings in Alaska this summer and used nothing but 20lb maxima for tippet.

    I hooked 30 fish and landed 15. None broke off and I play my fish hard as Iím a saltwater rather than a salmon angler. I took heavier leader material but didnít need it.

    My fishing partner used the same leader and I think he broke off only 1 fish and he hooked more than I did.

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    Ok thatís a good landing percentage , so what caused you to lose 50% though? Where and how did your equipment and /or rig fail?

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    I've been over there to your river and many others across the South Shore of Ontario. Those rivers introduced me to king salmon as well as combat fishing back in the late 1980's.

    In the years since my very first day fishing those big game species It's possible I've figured a few things out, or maybe not, you'll decide. The problem I saw with 25 pound tippet (that's where I started) was that I had a 'make it or break it' mentality. I broke a lot and I broke a rod also.

    After 20 years of visiting your state and rivers I moved here and just finished the 16th season here fishing for salmon. I find that 15 does the job but there are conditions which apply. One of which is you can't just dig in your heels and lean into a fish. The other and perhaps more important is to have a plan regarding what you intend to do once securely hooked to a fish.

    Unfortunately, standing in a row of anglers at a dam or weir where fish are stacking up doesn't allow for much of a plan. I've always been happier away from the crowd which often means I have to hunt for a fish but at least I have some room. Before I even cast I know where I'm going once hooked up. I never fish where I can't see a decent area to do the landing in or where it is so deep you can't enter the water.

    I could go on at great length but it is quite hard to explain in forum posts how I fish. Back to the 15 pound question, last season I had a fellow catch 22 kings in 4 days fishing. All bright sea fresh fish and all using 15 pound ultra green Maxima. He hooked up with 23 kings but we lost one at the netting point.

    Again I find it hard to explain how a net man and an angler work in tandem to achieve those king of landing ratios but it is very possible. I say that because I've been there when it happened. That long article I linked about fighting & landing is as in depth as I can get without you coming here and fishing with me. I would advise leaving the crowds behind, I found places where I had room to fish and would guess you can too.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Northcountryman View Post
    Ok thatís a good landing percentage , so what caused you to lose 50% though? Where and how did your equipment and /or rig fail?
    The only thing that failed was hook holds . Oh and one **** hook tied on by the guide - I straightened it !

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