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    Quote Originally Posted by LouisCha View Post
    In my opinion, at face value that's not a set up that would intentionally be used for Salmon, but could easily be targeted towards sea trout, particularly in smaller rivers. That's the sort of set up I'd choose for sea trout spinning.

    Where I am (down south) anyone spinning for trout will attract suspicion, whatever they use

    Another thing is location, fishing a definitely trouty area where 'accidents' are very unlikely to happen will help. The best way to not break the law is not to fish any river systems that hold migratory fish!
    This set up "emerged" after 8 days that I spent on river Taff and this river is the only reference point for me at the moment. I've never fish on any other fast running water except small stream in Cornwall. I also never seen any sea trout or salmon Initially my set up was lighter but after landing 60+ trout I said UL no more! I managed to land this fish (on woolly legs as I didn't feel much in control) only because river conditions were on my side. However if the current was strong, snags nearby and so this fish would be lost. I had also to change my net as previous was too shallow and fish simply would not fit. So for my own comfort and the fish safety this is what I use today.

    It's a shame that this "Migratory fishing licence or not" isn't clear cut issue. Maybe it would be simpler if such a licence was required on clearly designated stretch of the river like in other countries. Meaning: from point A to point Z "Migratory fishing licence" would be required regardless of technique you use or fish you are targeting. It's also a shame that somebody might be forced into paying for migratory licence because of peers pressure or fear that his intentions could be misinterpreted by authorities. So for peace of mind you pay...

    PS When I accessed Buy a rod fishing licence - GOV.UK it turned out that when I buy one day licence I can choose exact time of fishing. So if I choose to start fishing from 3 pm this licence will be valid till next day till 3 pm? Am I right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich lamb View Post
    Hi all. I have been a carp angler for 30 years but have become a little weary of it these and I'm looking for a new challenge. I am interested in fishing for Sea trout and salmon on the river Esk in North Yorkshire.
    In particular I would like to spin for them - mainly because it wouldn't feel completely alien from fishing I have done in the past. I'm interested in the free stretches so I don't spend a load of money to find it isn't for me (though I'm certain it will be)

    If anyone can help me with locations in particular or anything at all I'd be really grateful.

    Thanks Rich
    You say you want to fish for Sea trout and salmon, therefore you need a migratory licence if you want to stay within the law.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MCXFisher View Post
    You can buy the day ticket from the shop at the entrance.
    Quite right thats the lock side only and from just below the lock entrance down river for i think a good few hundred yards-lock side only,as far as im aware a york club ticket allows salmon fishing on the "basic" permit after June 30th before that is a spring ticket with i think a waiting list.

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