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    Quote Originally Posted by hochaye View Post
    ha, bet your heed is busted now. toooo much info does that. if your rod can load the line. it takes different effort as to whether its floating line with sink, int or floating leader. which also has the same effect with a sink or int line. similarly with heavy tube fly or a size 10 double to make the cast. take the casting lessons and work the rest out to suit your own stile. the best lessons learned are by experience. theres a 101 ways to get it right but theres a million and one ways to get it wrong. fly fishing isnt a sport or a game, its a way of life......ask any poor down trodden fly fishermans wife or husband. was being PC there.
    Ha ha, you said it... Head destroyed....! Never mind. Ordered a floating Scandi Versitip kit today and will see how we get on with that before running with a Skagit. Lads, thanks all for the advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rennie View Post
    Looking at your photo Petekd,you have the type 3/4 sinking Scandi body which sinks at 3 to 4 inches per sec.The tips you have are the, yellow looped sinking tip type 3-4,grey looped sinker 6-7 and green looped 8-9 sinker.In order to cast this line, first you'll have to roll it up onto the surface as even with the lightest sinking tip in place its still a fast sinker!,in fact its a sinking sink tip!.You can buy the floating body and intermediate and floating tips which will let you utilise the tips you already have and along with the intermediate body give you a versatile useful line system for just about every occasion.
    I'd recommend the floating body,I use this type of line and tips a lot, its tremendously versatile!
    Hope that helps,Pedro.Best of luck with it.
    Time was when you could go into a shop and get advice so that you didn't buy this sort of thing unless you really needed it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Petekd View Post
    You see, this is where it all gets completely confusing I was only the other day watching a video on here of a lad casting a Shakespeare Oracle Spey, 12' 7-8wt with a 500gr Skagit and Sink tip a country mile (I appreciate this guy is light years away from I in the casting talent stakes!)

    Many thanks for the comments folks, I appreciate the advice.
    Have I to take it the video is set in a quarry and the skagit a Gaelforce???
    If so, remember that still water is a totally different environment for developing casting techniques.
    These set ups, well balanced, go like rockets but it is important to modify your style dependant on conditions and tip weights and lengths not to mention the fly weight.
    This, of course, is a piece of wool in the quarry which makes life a whole lot easier.
    Generally, with skagits, take it easy, take your time, slow down if required and let the rod do the work like a sling shot.
    Don't try to force the cast. it will end up in tears.
    I much prefer heads and tips personally.
    Leave the lead impregnation for the goosanders and cormorants.
    Respect My Authorita!!

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    Update to this little saga. A day on the Blackwater recently with Glenda Powell established the sinking Rio SVT head was, ahem, on backwards 😳. Money well spent as she did a mighty job in teaching us how to properly handle the big heavy sunken set ups. I did buy the floating SVT head and tips set up and an Airflo Floating Skagit head also. The sinking SVT handled beautifully even with the 15' S8 tip. Tiring though although it fished big tubes at depth superbly well. The Skagit head was a revelation for pinging a deep sunk tip and fly from off the bank a mile in the worst of weather. Obviously not fishing as deep as the sunken scandi but easier to cast although a bit brutal! The floating SVT head I've only played with as waters been too high but that's a dream to cast and a lot more subtle than the Skagit. All a learning curve but all this messing in heavy water will stand us in good stead in June for a return to Sweden. Thanks again all for the input.
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