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    I think Dexter hit it on the head (no pun intended),

    The leader needs to be the same size of your rod; ie rod length 13ft. - 10ft poly plus 3ft tippet =13ft.

    I use 13ft rod with rio versi tip's plus 10ft poly leader plus 3ft tippet / which gives me a 13ft leader.
    Please save me from the things I must have!!!

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    i'm currently in the midst of fathoming the versi/poly leader jungle :-) but just briefly picking up on this old post.. Springer said:

    <<<In the case of a Rio Scandi Versitip we are discussing

    running line 'aka' shooting line
    scandi verstip body
    versitip of choice
    polyleader+nylon to make up appropriate leader length of 12'-18'
    fly. >>>

    polyleaders come in different sink rates. Do you match the sink rate of the polyleader (quite difficult to be exact as they have a diffent nomenclature for sink rates to versitips) to that of the versitip, or just use a floating one and let the tip drag it down (which would affect the sinkrate of the fly wouldn't it, as would using too heavy a polyleader)?

    i use a scandi line mostly and personally i've managed fine with about 10 ft of thick mono (usually something like 18lb fluorocarbon) attached to the versitip and a 5ft(ish) tippet, but would be interested to see if replacing the mono with a poly leader would make things better.. espcially as i only get a couple of days (if that) salmon fishing a year..

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    I would experiment to see what you like casting, just make sure any polyleader isn't a slower sink rate than your versitip, personally if i use a versitip kit I go flouro right off the tip, if I use like vision ace floating shooting head I would use various sink rate 10ft poly leaders and then flouro. I think sink rate for these leaders is calculated in still water, strength of current is going to slow sink rate down.

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    Very useful comments and information. Thanks

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    Let me say, right from the off there's hardly a shooting head going that dosen't cast/present better with the addition of a tapered leader a bit longer that the rod itself in place on the end.
    I suppose you all get that ok, now when you get to any form of sink tip, full sinking head or a multi tip type of head the same still applies, however you need to do something about the leader now in theory sinking slower than the line its attached to.
    A poly leader(Airflo) or VersiLeader(Rio) are both simply tapered leaders covered in extruded sinking polymer..So it now makes sense to replace a 10ft part of your tapered leader with a sinking 10ft Poly leader of the same sink rate as the line or multi tip your using.
    It dosen't matter what the make of rod is, how long it is, or what the make of Poly Leader is either.The same rule can apply, fix a 10ft Poly leader and then 2/3rd's the length of the poly leader in leader material to suit the fly you are using.You'll have no problems in casting or turn over with up to very large heavy tubes(I can and do turn over up to 3" of copper from an 8/9 floater and lsr 24 Poly Leader on my 13ft LPXe)
    Now a Multi tip or Versi Tip type of line is no different at all, you still have a changeable 15ft sinking tip in place so match it with an appropriate sinking poly,some cast material, your flee and off you go.
    Now,the benefit to a sinking poly as an aside to casting or presentation is it will give you an extended portion of sinking line on the front that you can vary at will.Common sense applies in that you can always fish a faster poly, but never a slower one than the line or multi tip in place.A sinking or sink tip line can now be fished deeper at the tip if you need it to be-opens the versatility of any sinking line.
    Multi Tip style lines now give you greater options and move ever closer in becoming a one line suits all seasons line by further extending the length of sinking line on the front and it's sinking range.I prefer a 5ft poly on my multi/versi tip lines with 5ft of leader material giving me in essence a 20ft sink tip.
    For all other sinking lines and dedicated sink tips I prefer a 10ft Poly tip.
    As for the sinking rates, well a lot of lines and polys are made by the same people, primarily Airflo(Guideline,Hardy) and Rio, their sink rates are usually comparable and complimentary.All sinking rates are usually worked out in a pool of sorts without flow so they'll all be near as dammit similar and behave the same(ish!) in flowing water.
    Favourite line of mine in Spring is a float/sink 1 and poly tips.Love the way it fishes and how I can mend to alter the fly speed.A 15ft sink 1 tip then a 10ft poly gives me 25ft of sinking portion that I can vary at any time to suit conditions from an intermediate line level up to a fast sinker when I need to.
    I can hear the sceptics now in that its harder to cast!,well its not it's easy-because the Poly Leaders are thinner for their sink rate and as such don't have the same line/surface stick as full fly line or a multi tip.
    I have and do fish in this manner myself and have for years.I (and others too!)haven't typed this as a wind up or put an unworkable idea forward.It works very well indeed, in fact its better than std.
    Like I say,It dosen't matter what rod it is, how long, what aftm rate or who made the line or what the Poly Leader is called, it works and it will put fish on the bank for you!.
    Tight lines,Pedro.

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