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Thread: Starting off

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    Default Starting off


    As i'm completely new to this any advice would be really welcome.

    I'm freshly armed with brand new rods, reels, braid, shiny spinners and all sorts of things that i'm not 100% sure of.

    I've got a rod licence, so was wondering where worth trying.

    Intially i'd prefer not to annoy or ruin any others fishing, so any advice on that would be great.

    I'm from Northern Ireland by the way!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Might be worth having a peek in the Irish Rivers section mate. Post in there, I'm sure a few of the irish lads will point you in the right direction.

    Enjoy getting the new kit broken in!!

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    Cheers for that, i will do and see what happens.

    For everyones safety somewhere remote might be best.

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    Default Everyone Has To Start Somewhere!

    Don't worry about starting somewhere remote. Most people tolerate beginners and if anything most people will be willing to offer advice which is the best way to learn we hints and tips that you don't find in magazines. I seen you were talking about the Roe, I have fished it a couple of times without sucess. It normally gets its main run later in the year September, but with the Salmon fishing if you don't try you won't catch. Salmon fishing is 10% luck and 90% perseverance. Good luck and,

    Tight Lines.

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    Welcome Nickkerr, your in safe hands.
    What sort of fishing did you have in mind. trout, salmon, girls
    I am not new to fishing, but I might just as well be for all the luck I have had over the years. I won't try to give you advice on how to catch a fish
    why don't you have a look at the river Mourne
    I have been up there twice this past month and it a great river and only costs 5 for day ticket, but watch out for the grumpy old men who do not like it when us outsiders come looking for their fish you might bump in to some of them on this site. Also if you are bait fishing (worm) watch out for them there rocks, they are all over the place on the Mourne
    Keep checking the threads on this site, there are some great fisher men with some great advice, they have helped me a lot
    Good luck and tight lines.

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