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Thread: New rod help

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    Default New rod help

    Hi guys,

    At the moment I use a 14ft mackenzie shooting head rod. I'm looking to get another 14ft rod so I can have 2 set up with different lines, flies etc..

    I was wondering what anyone would recomend. At the moment I'm leaning towards getting the same again but would consider others somcould anyone recommend a few that I could go and try?

    Thanks for any help


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    Nothing wrong with getting the same rod again if your suited,however have you considered a lighter line rating for floaters maybe? or even a heavier one for sinkers etc?.
    These days there's a fantastic choice out there,personally if your happy with your current 14ft length/action/line rated rod I'd consider the same length but with a lighter line rating for lower water conditions,light lines often do make a considerable difference ,might mean a different manufacturer but if you have the opportunity then make it count to your advantage.Good luck,Pedro.

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    scotts new spey rod is superb,really throws spey lines a country mile.
    i have no doubt shooting heads also.
    your s/h rod and his g2 spey rod,you would hardly look at another rod again
    one for heads and one for spey lines.
    sounds superb to me

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    i'm not a tackle tart and can't understand why you would buy another of the same rod.

    why not buy a spool for your reel?

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    The reelmi use you can't change the spool. The main reason is that on the beat I fish on the tweed it is very helpful to have an intermediate line and a fast sinking one for the same pool in some cases so it's easier to have two different set ups.

    And Id like to have 2 rods.

    Thanks for all the help so far guys

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    Default e-bay

    Sage TCR 9 wt on just now sitting at 100, great rod.


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    You need to try the Loop Cross S1, I wrote a piece about it here a couple of days ago. I tried it for the first time on the Findhorn last week, it's simply awesome, I haven't tried Scott's rods and I'm sure they are good rods but I urge you to try the Loop, if you are in Ayrshire you can even try mine

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