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    Default Fly Rod for my daughters

    Hi All, I have 2 daughters aged 8 and 6 and a half, i have been taking them to the river recently and they are keen to get their own rod for their birthday or Xmas. Anybody recommend a suitable fly rod for young girls at this age? Would probably be looking at 2 of everything so a starting package would be perfect, rod, reel & line?

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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    Even though I dont own one I have used a shakespeare odysey on a couple of trips and it is a fantastic rod for the money, id also recommend taking a look at otto reels as they are relitavely cheap and their anodised colours would probably apeall to your girls. Ive got the bighorn reel and it arrived faster than some things from the uk (4 days), highly reccomend them
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    Thanks sagegareth, keep it coming lads

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    Got a pair of 9'6" #7/8 Sportfish HR (their deluxe blank) which I have kept for friends to use sea trouting. They hardly ever make it out of the rod room now. If interested, I will throw in a ready to go double tube, and can find some Orvis Rocky Mountain reels to go with them.


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    Thanks for the offer but i was thinking along the lines of a 7 or 8 ft rod, they will start of fishing for river trout and maybe the old dollaghan if they hit lucky! I've a few 9ft 6 rods kicking about the garage i was thinking they would be too heavy/big for them

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    lots of fly fishing kits on e-bay starting at about 30.00 upwards .If you can get hold of a yorkshire game angling catalogue they have some good kits for children based on the viper flyrod which is a very good starter rod
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    That looks the ticket smokie cheers

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    Default shaky trion 7'6

    Hi Mate,
    I bought a shaky trion 7.6 for my 8 YO daughter, it's rubbish, I can't even get 10yds out with the wind behind me. Also got a shaky summit reel, it **** too so I would recomend you avoid these two. When I but her another set up I think that as rods are much lighter than whenI were a ladd I woud go for something about 8'6 or 9ft and prob a 6wt, I'm sure that this would be light enough for your younger daughter and it will be more of an all round rod and thay will be able to get a reasonable line out with it and not get fed up with 5yd cast max. My daughter and I did have a go with a sonik rod on a try it day last year, fantastic rod, think it was a sk3 8'6, but theses are 84, maybe a good idea if you gave the other forum members a rough idea how much you want to spend on each kit. cheer and happy teaching

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    I would recommend Airflo. They have some decent kits for sale, which I think is great value. They are around 50 squid which is hard to beat for a complet starterset !

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    I wouldnt buy them anything at this stage, IMHO they are too young to seriously teach. They can however have great fun learning to cast.

    From my experience of teaching children I would suggest you get a 9'6 6/7wt that has a small fighting butt, if you can find a 9' rod with a fighting butt then all the better, they will need to hold this and use the rod two handed. Lightness is important but because they are using both hands it doesnt have to be super light. Overline the rod so it loads real easy with about 20'-25' of line outside the tip.

    The idea of them using a small 6' or 7' rod single handed just doesnt work, they dont have the strength or co-ordination. The problem with cheap kits is the lines are rarely that good and usually unsuitable in either they are too light or too long in the head. Make it real easy and fun, dont expect much, especially from the younger one.

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