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    Default Looking for 15 ft shooting head rod

    Can anyone recommend a reasonably cheap(less than 200 - maybe some of the Greys or the Daiwa's perhaps) 15 footer thats ideal for shooting heads? I tried a couple of SH's with my B&W Norway but the combination doesnt work particularly well. The Norway seems to prefer the longer belly Spey Line.
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    Why blame the rod?

    The Norway is perfectly suited for use with a shooting head as is 99.9% of all salmon rods on the market. Spend the 200 on some lessons, it will prove to be a better long term investment.

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    I'll try again. Can someone recommend something thats ideally suited for shooting heads. The Norway isnt, and judging by other similar posts in the forum, others clearly think along similar lines.

    Perhaps Springer you can suggest a SH line combination for the Norway that does work?? Its a 15ft 10/11.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeCC View Post
    I'll try again. Can someone recommend something thats ideally suited for shooting heads. The Norway isnt, and judging by other similar posts in the forum, others clearly think along similar lines.

    Perhaps Springer you can suggest a SH line combination for the Norway that does work?? Its a 15ft 10/11.
    Lots of people who cannot do things blame the tools so I guess your not alone, I see it every day. If I thought advising you on a new 200 rod was the best advice I would have done that.

    The 42g AFS or the new 44g DTX both work well on the 10/11 Norway. I have a pupil using the very set-up and it casts further than I could be bothered to strip back.

    My advice on the lesson still remains and would apply to those who you feel agree with you.

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    Default thoughts of a beginner ( unlike springer....)

    I have to agree with Springer

    I am just starting off and went for 3 lessons

    The first two were on a beat which meant left hand up for a single spey - a complete waste of time for a beginner

    Third time lucky - got a lesson, from a different instructor.I was stuggling ( trying to get an anchor) with single spey so the instructor tried me with circle c. Bingo. Got the confidence. The sign of a good instructor in my view ( thanks Ben )

    Since then someone showed me the basics of a single spey and i'm improving.

    I have a couple of bloke xl 50s, not 'shooting head' rods, not expensive but they do the job. ( with Rio AFS lines)

    I think that the rod not having too fast an action it is easier for a beginner. I think if you went for something with a really fast action then the timing becomes more difficult, making your life more difficult

    I have no idea how experienced a caster you are, probably more-so than me, but if you haven't tried a lesson give it a try...

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    Casting isn't the issue gents. Been at this game for over 22 years now so quite happy with flinging a line out. My point is that I dont like using a SH line on my Norway. Yes, it'll cast, but I personally feel(my opinion) its far better suited to a longer full belly spey line. Thats what I feel the rod is more comfortable with.....again....just my opinion. Sorry if you dont agree, but hey ho, the world would be a rather boring place if we all agreed.

    I buy and sell lots of fishing gear, its one of the things I enjoy about my past time. My local tackle shop is also very good at letting you try before you buy, hence my original question. There are a number of rods on the market now that claim to be specifically 'shooting head' rods. Having never trid one, i'd be keen to give them a throw. Thats why I asked the question at the top.

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    Ok Mike, I see your point. Although the Norway would do a good job with the shooting heads I can see your desire for trying something different.

    On that basis if the rod is purely for shooting heads I would forget all about 15' its longer than anyone needs to successfully cast and fish a shooting head.

    14' would be the longest I would ever go and this will work well with heads in the 39'-44' range which is about what they all are. The term 'shooting head rod' would suggest to me that it is a fast action rod this is also refereed to as tip actioned. These rod actions work well with shooting heads up to around 3x the rods length. The problem I have with this description is it makes many people think only a shooting head rod/fast actioned rod is any good with a shooting head, this is complete nonsense.

    Rods with mid-flexing and even full-flexing actions work equally as well and allow you a larger margin for error in your timing, they are also far less tiresome on your body over extended periods of use.

    Getting back to your points about opinions, my opinion on a good rod that is suitable for your needs is about as much use as my original opinion on the Norway.

    I tried one of the new Shakey XT rods recently in 12' and it cast a shooting head very nicely albeit a 10/11. They do them in 13' & 14' as well. Something like a second hand Loop Opti or Multi at 200 would IMHO be a better buy.

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    The 13' Diawa XT Wilderness is a nice toy for heads. An 8/9 Afs is spot on, but a 9/10 goes well also.

    I would buy one if I was looking for a head toy.
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    Default help!!!!!!

    realise this is an old thread.....however....I need help.

    I am fishing the tummel early April and am under the impression I need a 15ft rod that can throw shooting heads?

    I currently use a 13ft oracle xt with a speyline, sink tip and floating and fish the Conwy / Welsh Dee and have ventured up to scotland fishing the dee and the upper tay....the rod has coped with everything thrown at....including big water on the upper tay 4ft on the day we fished.....

    Springer you mention that shorter rods are preferable for shooting would my 13ft Oracle Xt suit the tummel in early spring???? I have been told it can be a big river that time of year??? I don't mind spending some money to give me more comfortable fishing and more chance of a I will change the thread slighlty.....what rod and line combination for the tummel in early spring???? hope you can help!!

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    I have fished the tummel April ,May and June with a 14 footer #9 with no problems at all,
    Whether you want to fish a shooting head or a spey line is totally up to the anglers preference, I used a shooting head but most of the other guys used spey lines

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