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It's hard to hide behind screen names Yeah, the leader thing, just another part of a stubborn way of life for me. It's a technique thing, how you cast them, how you fish the cast based on what the fly / leader are doing out there. Yep, the same guy.

When I first came to this forum I was posting a lot, then got way too busy with work around home, fishing, and work at the cabin in the bush took up my online visiting time. Now it's early spring, there's not enough snow and ice for me to drive the snowmachine to the cabin but the ice has not went out yet. That's when you find me on the forums, between the seasons. Soon I'll be able to slip that boat in and I won't be so frequent on line.


Sorry I'll try to do better......
Always nice to be able to put a face to a name, I use that leader set up occasionally myself, it has its usefulness!!! Definitely takes technique to cast, but definitely gets your fly down