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    Default Loop Classic or Guideline Exceed


    I m after my first salmon rod and can get either a Loop Classic in second hand or a guideline exceed new on sale for the same price.
    Which one would you recommend?



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    Default type of fishing

    Both are good rods but the Exceed wont be fit for a skagit (as indicated in springers review on here). If its exclusively shooting head work then maybe that one would suit you best. That said, I know a Dee ghillie on Little Blackhall who loves the Loop rod.
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    Thanks, Little Blackhall on the Dee is exactly the place I m going to in a few weeks!!!

    What would you say are the advantages/disadvantages of the guideline over the loop?


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    what size are they.?
    i had the exceed 14'8 and it was a soulless brush pole
    dont get me wrong it cast a long way but if i was to describe it, if you could cast with your eyes shut you couldnt tell if you were putting out a 5 or 50 yard cast no feeling in it
    as for the loop, i dont think they make bad rods , never cast a bad one....
    It's too high, its too low, its too windy, there's nae fish al no be back...... Till tomorrow

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    The Loop's the one to go for: easier and more forgiving action better suited to a novice, and it will cast any line in the world well.

    Resist the temptation to go for the new Exceed, as its action isn't ideal for your needs and current level of expertise.

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    The loop is a nice easy casting rod and a pleasure to fish with.
    The exceed needs you to be a bit more precise in your casting but is still a very good for.
    As you are just getting in to speycasting the loop would be a good choice

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    Thanks all, just bought the Loop from Mike! I m overexcited now, can't wait to receive it and try, my new quest is for a good line to pair the rod with, any recommendation welcome! Will need to dig on the classifieds/sales/ebay as my budget s quite limited now!!!!

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