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Thread: Broken rods

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taddy View Post
    Im on repairing a fibre tube 14 foot 8-9# line size,the spigot broke and it took me nearly a yr to remove the broken bit safely,first i tried heat via boiling water,that didn't work so by this time i was able to make sense of the glue/resin so it got a quick heat with the blow torch and it fell out,the next hard bit was gettinmg a new spiggot but not a carbon one as the last one that came with the rod was way to brittle,so i tried a bit of older skool carbon/graphite from a "Carp rod" tip section,now i dropped it in and tightened it ever so slight but couldnt get it back out so a natural stick with no glue or epoxy resin,but when the tip section was fitted to the middle section the bend it made made me feel very nervous,so a sleeve from a old carbon trout rod has been fitted over the bottom of the tip section,whipped up and vanished looks and feel better than the original design,it certainly feels strong and bends accordingly with the middle section.
    I also have a low end carbon rod i say low end i mean very old carbon example,that broke last season on the river bank and a quick super glue fix and a quick on the river bank whipping,it has well lasted and the lad who owns the rod managed a good 50+ fish from the river Wear last year.yes it looks a bit tatty and it makes creaking noises etc and when it is bent yer sort of move yer head and squint yer eyes,but still works a treat,in the next month coming ill be taking it too bits re whipping the whole rod and using something a bit better as a glue maybe the liquid from a fiber glass kit,the type i use is a exelent hardener.
    after all that is done i got me self a thick walled carbon rod 12 foot 5LB test curve Cat fish rod (wells) with a four foot section added it will make a great 16 foot or there abouts rod,good for swinging a line across most pool i know on the Tyne or even yorks ouse.It will take maximum line size but maybe even then that may still feel light,ill hav eter wait and see.

    British Telecom fiber glass pole things used for holding up telephone wires between poles make a good little rod some are too thick and stiff where as other poles have a thinner wall,brown old skool fiberglass looking,when they finished they sort of remind me of Milbro rod from yrs back,and thats how they finished with ornage thread over a brown rod proper 60-70s looking but like a say they make great rods,if and its a big if yer can get hold of the two piece or three piece poles as i never ever use a four section rod IMO i think they are weak,i prefer a two section rod but it is transporting them about.I prefer fiber glass over any carbon rod i ever used,for strength and durabilty imo yer just don't get that with carbon rods imo think they are too brittle when yer bash em against trees or banksides etc.

    Ps i Have a few tip sections from B&W rods from 14 foot rods but yer never know may fit your rod with a bit of customisation? let me know the wall thickness and girth ill see what i can do for yer
    Thank taddy but rod is only for 5/7 trout weight lines

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    Default Loomis,15ft glx, roaring river,long belly ,greased line #10/11

    Looking for a new tip,Loomis cant supply, Still got a rod builder to speak to as not a clean break wee 3" section, snapped out

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