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    Default Handle for Loop Cross S1

    I have recently aqquired a set of Loop Cross s1 rod blanks with the intention of building it to the same specification as a factory built rod,
    I have managed to obtain the butt section of the same rod 12' #7 4 piece which has been damaged , but the handle and reel fitting are undamaged. Is there a way in which i can remove the corks and reel fitting intact , so that i can fit them on the new blank handle ?.

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    Gradually melt the glue with a heat gun (no flame!). It will be more difficult with the cork than with the reel holder. Good luck.

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    You’re never going to remove the corks and put them on the new rod, also you’ll be very lucky if you you can do the same with the screw winch, depends what glue they use.
    You’re better off upgrading the screwwinch with a better one making it down locking and make the handle yourself, take measurements to get a similar finished size. There are plenty of videos of how to do it or get a professional to do the handle. I have built a few rods in the past and I wouldn’t use anything but new fittings on that rod

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    As above, I wouldn't entertain the idea of salvaging anything off the blank. Get yourself some decent Flor grade cork, a quality reel seat and let your imagination run. You'll end up with something far more striking and personal to you than a boring factory rod!

    A warning though, its pretty addictive and once you've built one it wont be the last.........

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    Yes there is a way but you will have to cut the damaged rod section back to about 2 inches above the cork then with a sharp blade cut the cork handle into 3 or 4 section then get a heat gun and direct the heat into the rod section heating it from the inside this should melt the epoxy be sure to wear gloves as you will burn your hands, as you are heating grip the section of cork and twist, each time you remove a section of cork cut the rod back again to 2 inches from the next section of cork and work your way down the rod section, this may not work if the adhesive is not epoxy
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    I would not bother trying to remove the real seat from the blank.

    The cross blanks are blanks, but the quality of the real seat used for the factory build cross is not great for a rod at such retail price.

    Take advantage of building your own rod to select a better option

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