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    Default Paint for rod blanks?!??

    Re furnishing an old favourite, and have had to wet and dry the blank down to the carbon du to many sinks and scratches! Has anybody any idea what spray paint I can use on it?!
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    2K for solid colour, bondaseal for a clear glaze, add pigment for a tinted glaze
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    What liphook said

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    Default paint

    Never really painted a rod and ive made a load of em over the yrs,if i was to ide get it hydro dipped as that seems the best option,if the dipper is good at his job yer can make any pattern yer want,ive got a blank there doing nowt il remove all old scale varnish from the blank get him to dip in say summit that looks like carbon composite or kevlar pattern see how it turns out ill post no matter the result,or try reving varnish then simply spray a few times,all these plastic resin things don't wash with me personally,i prefer old tried and tested ways and my experiences of thick plastic varnished that maybe two parts or what ever aint my cuppa tea,i prefer cellouse dope (shrinking dope ) for the whippings,i use two -5 coats of dope,then use rod varnish.
    Yer could strip down the varnish then use a sponge to sponge humbrol paint onto the rod this way no brush marks or perhaps blow dry with hair dryer to remove runs from paint then leave to dry naturally
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