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I'd also consider the CND 16' Thompson GT... best rod I've cast so far, so got a blank coming for next season! Only cast 70-75ft lines with it but can imagine it would work with shorter lines as well, especially fast sinking shooting heads!

Again good rods...I had the 15'4" but fell and broke the tip...A guy bought it and is still using it less 2" or so!

A cousin of mine has one and wouldn't change it. but a good idea to get these as a BLANK and build - or better still - get a 'Custom' made blank from Lee Davidson in the States (Snake River Outfitters on Google). AND ask for a decent reel fitting...the early unanodised CND ones are c*@p and too small for any traditional reel or SA reel! The finish on Lee's custom rods is excellent ++ - I suspect done by Mr Meiser's man/Steve Godsall.

I have cast the original Thomson....a hell of a rod!