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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattytree View Post
    So I finished wrapping and with the last day off before going back to work I thought I would have plenty of time to put on the flex coat over a book and turning .. 7 hours later it's still tacky , room is about 65 and near a fire so it's hot enough , I'm going to leave for another 24 hours and if it's still tacky do a coat of clear varnish or would another thinner coat of flex coat be the answer ?
    I'm pretty sure I got the measurements and mixing spot on so I'm slightly concerned about putting more on with the drying time and more it being more tacky if a coat of clear varnish will do a quicker job with out reacting with it.
    Has it gone on even and not sagged? If it had then just leave in a warm place and it should harden off OK.

    Which Flex Coat did you use? many flies, so little time!

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    High build flex coat is the product It's gone very nice and even and no bubbles I was pretty impressed.
    I'll leave until tomorrow evening any how.

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    Even with flex cote lite thinned with solvnet its still tacky after 12 h in my experience just leave it in a warm room and don't touch it for 48h or let the wraps rest against anything - use the mixing pot you made up to see when its finally gone off and hard
    good luck


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    After 7 hours, although the chemical setting process has taken place it will still feel a bit tacky to the touch. As has been said leave it 24hrs and see what happens.

    Checked 4 rods in the dryers yesterday which had been in for around 10 hrs, set off fine but a little tacky. Checked them again 2hrs back and fine.

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