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Thread: Lower caberston

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chicharito View Post
    Thanks for resurrecting this thread Elibank!
    ZH's description of Lower Caberston is spot on.
    I fished there with my brother soon after when fishing the Upper Tweed in Autumn was a viable proposition. We arrived around 9am just as 2 chancers were setting up for a day's fishing. Strangely they packed up and went away. It was probably my least favourite place to fish and could feel the eyes of unseen poachers leaving scorch marks on my back. I wonder if the beat still receives as much unwanted attention now as it did just 10years ago!
    My fishing on the Tweed is over end of August these days
    Where is ZepHead now?
    Shame we have lost some great posters on the forum.
    All good things come to an end, and that includes my fourth gin and tonic.....
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