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    Default Dee Fishing 20-25th July.

    She who should be obeyed has said I can fish the Dee during this week. As I have never fished this river before I would be gratefull for recommendations on which beats to go and try, contacts etc would also be helpfull.

    Bob M.

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    Default Dee 20-25 July

    Remember there are no ALWAYS or NEVERS with salmon fishing but catch records show that the Banchory beat or just downstream of it are good places to be in July , fish pause there before running the Feugh.The Grilse SHOULD be running by then and it is amazing what low water they will run on.You can book through Fishdee which will show what is available or use Fishery Description link for contact no. of Estate or Agent . My only other advice would be in low water wherever you are on the Dee :

    Fish early and late NOT office hours
    Wade quietly or as little as possible
    Fish small flies on light leaders
    FISH dont CAST down a pool (It is amazing what shallow water just off the stream will hold in the gloaming)
    Consider micro tubes or small flies tied on Big Mouth Doubles as Grilse fall off standard !2/14 low water hooks very easily
    Dont forget Seatrout there seems to be a better run this year so far and they offer great sport on a single handed rod

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