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Thread: SA reels

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    Default SA reels

    Hi All

    I've got an SA Mastery 10/11 which I find is a bit small for a No 9 spey line and backing. I'm planning on getting a System 2, does anyone know if the 10/11 is the same size as my Mastery or would I be better off going for the 12/13?

    Thanks for any advice


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    by the coquet


    12/13 would be best they are small reels for the given rating

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    Thanks Salmon Bob, that is what I shall do.



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    For what it's worth, I have a Sysytem2 10/11, it holds a longbelly or skagit spey line (for my 8wt) but is a bit crowded...also a bit light for balancing my rod (13ft 8wt)...I have switched to a bigger reel (Ross CLA7)...

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    I like the look of the Ross reels but haven't found much about them in the UK, are they in the same category as SA for build quality etc?

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