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Thread: Hardy Perfect

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    Default Hardy Perfect

    Hello everyone,
    To obtain a more powerful brake on a Perfect;
    is it possible to engage the 2 tongues on the toothed wheel !!!

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    Not sure of the Hardy Christian, but I did similar on my first reel, a Shakespeare Beaulite.It certainly sounded well, like a double bagful of old rattly spanners!.
    However, there was double the inertia involved in getting the reel spinning in the first place!. Back in those days there weren't a lot of fish that came my way, but I soon reverted back to the single Pawl setting as it did little to strengthen the drag overall, just doubled the initial inertia!.
    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks Pedro,
    So I'm going to stay like that, and limit the catch to 20 lbsoisson:

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    I would need to remove the spool in order to say for sure but I believe I have both pawls engaged on my reels. I will have a look when I return home.

    What model /size perfect are we talking about? The easiest way to add more resistance to outgoing line with a fish running is to place a couple fingers against the back plate of the spool and apply pressure.

    Are you using the reel on a 2 hand rod and if so what length? I ask this because I have found that the check of a 3 3/4" Taupo will handle many salmon and when the truly big one comes along I apply the fingers to the back of spool.

    A few years ago I caught a fish much larger than expected (think in the 50 pound class) using a Taupo and an 11 1/2 foot Hardy swift rod. Generally I will use the perfect reels unless I know the fish will run over 30 pound.


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    It is the 4 1/4 it is used on a rod with 2 hands of 14'4 and 14'7
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    Ha! En effet une question éternelle pour moi aussi!!!

    I use 3 3/4 , 4'' and 4 1/4 '' Perfects and also their Dingley counterparts. I have them set for LH wind even tho' they were threaded and their pawls set for RH wind. So I have flipped over pawls and have found generally just one pawl engaged on the lager reels is sufficient. Both pawls can add some inertia/tension but as Rennie says they are just too noisy.
    I feel that the pawls are mostly to help control the entry and exit of line on and off the reel to prevent over-run. They keep the line 'in-place' until a fish turns away with your fly. As for controlling a fish . For such ' breaking' use your hand. To control a fish off the reel alone buy a Tibor , Abel etc autres moulinets sont disponibles!

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    When you engage both pawls, you will get a stronger brake, but you will loose the difference between winding in line and letting a fish go; both pawls will work "against" each other then...

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