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    Default Zebco Omega Z03 Pro upgrade?

    Bought zebco omega pro for my wife and she absolutely loves it. But she's having problems with long distance casts. I've cleaned the reel. Stripped the line out and applied line conditioner. I'm not sure what else to try. Can this reel be upgraded or tuned for longer casts? Anything else I can try? Different line type or weight?

    any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated?

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    That type of reel is commonly known as a closed face reel or 'spincaster" as they say in the USA.By its design you wont get long casts from it, you'll just have to accept that.It has a very narrow spool with a cover over it with the narrow line aperture which will restrict the flow of line as you try to cast.
    You'd have been far better buying a conventional Fixed Spool reel such as a Shimano which give excellent casting properties.
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