We have yet to get this reel out on the water but have to say it is very pleasing to the eye with its etched finish giving it a very 'classic' look as its name suggests. This is the first reel in the Bickersteth family to be released with a smaller 'Classic I' and a 'Classic Trout' reel in the pipeline.

The "click and pawl" ratchet is certainly going to let you and others in the proximity know when a salmon is on its way down the river with your fly. It might seem too loud for some but it will mellow a little over time the more fish you play I suspect.

It has a nice solid construction with the etched silver finish beautifully highlighted with brass accents. Coming from the same design stable as the well-known and respected Bloke Rods, you can expect this reel has been similarly well-designed and tested hard in all conditions by experienced salmon anglers and I suspect you will be noticing (and hearing!) a few of these on the rivers this year.

At 385 it compares very favourably to other salmon reels in the same bracket, especially given the etched finish which makes it look a lot more expensive. I am not keen on the term "fishing jewellery" but this could be close to it and definitely worth a look if you are in the market for a new reel with a bit of bling.

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