The joys of salmon fishing need not always come from success or new rods, reels or lines. Sometimes time away from the river with reflection and humour can be what's needed to recharge our batteries and renew our determination to head out again in those cold initial spring months for another season.

Terminal Chancer is a newly published book from Clitheroe based author and avid salmon fisher James Gilbraith. Rather than another technical book on 'how to' Terminal Chancer is a story suitable for both salmon fishers and bookworms which covers the life of James as he battles with the work, life and salmon fishing balance.

Terminal Chancer takes its reader through a story of simple pleasures, coupled with lots of humour, contests, superstition, time travel, metamorphoses, music, begging letters and back to work interviews. I covers the triumphs and disasters of an average angler from the opening day of the season to its last. Its a journey that will take him from the bosom of the Ribble to the Aberdeenshire Dee via a concerned human resources department, all while trying to outrun any form of real life.

I think this will make a great read as well as a worthwhile present for both salmon fishers and their book reading spouses or friends.

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Priced at 12 in soft back it can be purchased directly from James by clicking here

A Kindle version is also available here