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Prejudice and a holier than though approach..... you've heard them all; it's too deadly, it empties the pool ( so does a succession of badly executed double Spey casts with a skagit and a T-14 tip.....)

I had my first salmon off the Welsh Dee on a shrimp, hooked in the scissors, no swallowing, no deep hooking, and with a single hook as used in the film no problem unhooking.

I may just get my wallet out and buy myself a new shrimping and worming rod. I'll be getting my hands on a prototype of a new three piece rod from Andy Nicholson in the spring, just need to find somewhere to fish it!
The only thing to empty a pool is a gillnet, you are spot on pal, been fishing shrimp for 11year and never had a fish swallow a shrimp.
always easy to unhook and release the fish with minimum stress.
I also use a single hook, no2 kamasan b982. if its conservation we are all lookin for i would say shrimp is the way forward.