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Thread: River Roe

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    Default River Roe

    I decided to take a wee dander up the Roe yesterday, had some leave to use up before the end of the year. I have fond memories of the area, despite leaving Ballykelly (Carnamuff to more precise) aged 4 in 1982.
    I hadn't been back since, and the river is as spectacular as I remember.

    A 2.5 hour dander saw some beautiful widlife, some of the more noteable were two sparrow hawks, plenty of grey squirrels, a kingfisher, lots of trout and either a kelt or a cracking trout jump clear in the still pool above O'Cahan's Rock. It's a very fertile valley.

    I am contemplating taking a week ticket in the summer and exploring it properly with a rod.

    Surely one of the nicest locations for a church.

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    same planet diffrent world


    thats looks a cracking wee river andy . great pics . you should enter the 2nd pic in for picture of the mnth comp . mate ...

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    The first few photos are of the springs which is two-three miles above the country park center. That stretch of water from the springs down to the carrick flats has to be one of the most beautiful places in Derry. Also amazing fishing later in the season when the water is just right normally around the end of september when the big run of fish hits the Roe. The river has went from strength to strength over the past few years, however the trout have suffered badly in my opinion and now lack in numbers mainly to the "Bags of Trout" taken from the river during floods.

    But it truely is a majestic river and i hope it continues.

    Roll on September
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    lovely looking spot

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    Upstream worm or a couple of small shrimp flies...savage bit of water!!

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