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    Default 1st 2 salmon ever off the usk

    just thought id share my joy with my first 2 fish in my ever season on the river.
    the one in day was 10.5 and the night one was 9lb. hopefully there will be alot more to come
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    Well done, 2 solid looking fish!!

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    they got the blood pumping lol. its the best kind of fishing i have ever done. if only i took up the rivers years ago.

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    What beat were you fishing?


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    kemeys just below chainbridge

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    lovely looking fish in off the tide by the looks of things did they have any lice

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    well done m8 your off to a flyer - took me 2 seasons to finally land my 1st salmon .

    Cracking fish What you catch them on fly or spinner?
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    the first was fresh off the tide with lice but the second i think was either just holding or slowly pushing thru. i saw him jump a bit further on from where i was and caught him after about 5 casts. best thing was it was the time i took my new rod out i had them both on worm. im not too confident on a spinner but i did catch my first ever fish on a flying c a few days ago, and nope it wasnt a salmon but a brown trout at around a pound. my mate has 4 this season all on worm and his dad has had 3 on worm. it looks like a good method to me im off on the river at 4am to try my luck. its crazy because the water is perfect at the moment but nothing is coming out but you gotta have a go init. you just never know

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