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    Default Posting Pictures

    Please could 1 of the members please put a step by step guide how to upload pictures i believe this was posted before but i cannot find the item in the Archiveas i have some nice pics to put on.


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    Orchy I and a lot of guys use, its quite user friendly and once you have posted one picture you will be flying. I know Sloggi had done a rough guide to posting pictures up using it. I had a look for it but couldn't find it - I'm sure he will log on at some point today though and should be able to point you in the right direction
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    From your camera:

    Upload photos from camera to camera software which you've installed and save into an album.

    Register with Photobucket or similar.

    Once you've done this you'll get a page where there are 3 boxes headed "Browse". Click on these and your uploaded pictures should appear or you may have to scroll down to "my pictures" or to the name of the camera software.

    Double-click on the image names you want to upload. When you do, the name will appear on the photobucket page next to the "browse" button.

    When you've selected all the pictures you want to show us, click on the large box headed "upload". Within a few minutes your pictures will have uploaded and will be seen at the bottom of the same page on photobucket.

    To put on this site:

    Start a post. Open photobucket and right click on the bottom option below the saved photo called IMG Code and "select all" (it will all be highlighted). Right click again and select "copy". Go to your opened post, right click again in the message and select "paste" - this will paste the photo. It will only be a link (letter/numbers) until you post the reply. When you go to view the post, your lovely fish will be there for all to see

    Hope this makes sense - it works for me, somehow

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    Default Posting pics

    Boys i give up i am away for my dinner and calm down!!!!

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    Hello orchy1999,

    e-mail me your picture (max 3 MB) and I put it on my webspace.
    p.paulini (at)
    Hope this helps.

    Petri and tight lines,


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    Default Nice Fish

    Thanks but managed to eventually work it out Pics are now on the forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by orchy1999 View Post
    Thanks but managed to eventually work it out Pics are now on the forum
    Just knew you would get there in the end

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