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    Default Working in Poland aint that bad.

    Finaly finished working in Poland.
    Have been catching up on the Salmo fishing had two days on CG last week, Saturday fish about 8lb on the cutlery and Tuesday a fish about 11lb on a yellow and black templedog sadly no pics of the fish.
    Fishing in Poznan, Poland was a non event the river that flows through Poznan is canal like and has been devoid of salmonoids for years through polution they were wiped out in there version of the industrial revelution.
    One of the Polish guys I was working with ran the Fishing club for the town water and he told me the main quarry were Pike and Zander on competition days but there were also Perch, chub, Eels etc.

    This is a picture of the main part of the river it branches off a bit upriver.

    This is a photo of the smaller river that branches off and forms the island which has a wealth of Catholism. The Cathedrial where the polish pope worshiped before he was pope, statues to him and a whole lot more buildings relating to the church.

    On the last couple of trips over to (keep me away from my Vodka swilling workmates and the seedy nightlife)(honestly you can only take so much) my fly tying materials consisted of materials for making up Cascade PBP in various hook/tube.

    And finally the drawbacks of working in Poland aint that bad. On a few of my fly tying nights in I had invited Valdek( The guy that runs Fishing Club).
    Who always turned up with a bottle of vodka. And let him loose at the vice. He had brought jig hooks(they have a ball of lead atached to the hook) He had been watching me make up flies over a couple of months so I just let him do his own thing(no photos).

    Anyway to top it off on my last night he appeared at the Hotel with this.

    Pot Bellied Pig Heaven this thing is five foot long. And to top it all we flew back into Stanstead no problem ,then on the flight up to Edinburgh got pulled over after I had collected my case (3 bottles of Vodka and a f----n Wild boar skin through the scanner) Sorry for the inconvienience sir.
    (Thank f%^K) What the hell were they looking for.
    And what else comes undetected???.

    Regards guys
    Hope you enjoy.

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    Good to start the day with a smile

    Flies looking good

    The boar needs a vodka pick-me-up as he looks a tad flat

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    Maybe nae fuishies but it at least looks a bit like CG

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    Hello Jake
    Hope you tied me a few
    cheers Craig

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