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    Default Still catching in Sweden

    Here's one from last weekend from lake Všnern, soon the water will be too warm & they'll head off to deep water to return again in October/November......


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    Holy Tamoly.
    It's a silver goldfish.
    Cracking fish.
    Reminds me of a 10lb maiden brownie that I took on roach livebait while fishing for pike in Feb a few years ago.
    Pristine fish that obviously hadn't spawned the previous Autumn.

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    central scotland


    what a gorgeous fish !

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    Wow... beautiful fish... tomorrow I'm leaving to first holiday of the year. I'm going for my first time to Island of Fyn for coastal sea trout fishing. Do you have some advice for me?
    My outfit for this fishing it is a 10' line 7-8 and a 9'6" line 6 whith floating and intermediate line. It's right?
    About flies, I had to made some size 8,6 and 4 shrimp patterns in orange, sandy and traslucent white. Some larger minnow imitation (Surf Candy and Zonker), some wet fly (like Medicine, Palmered Red Tag etc.) and some classic flies like Omoe Brush and Frede. What do you think? Thanks for your answer.

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