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    Bonnie grayling sir I love the colours on the gill plates and the fight when they get that big fin up in the current 🎣 my favourite fish to catch

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    There are a few I'll never forget, but this one was special in many ways. Caught it on the last day of a hard week in Umba, just made the 20lb mark and earned me the last Salmon Junkie club cap. Stephen (Juhl) unfortunately lost the lease a week later to a Russian outfitter and I've never returned since. But I was there, at the very end of an era, and officially became a Salmon Junkie. Strangely enough, once I got the cap I went straight into rehab and stopped fishing two years later after a long an painful struggle with my most enjoyable habit. I'm clean now, but still remember the exhilarating rush fish like this gave me.


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    I have uilt up a lot o great memories over the years iv'e been fishing and there not all about the ones Iv'e caught myself. Being able to put a friend or family member in the right place and see them get into a fish, gives me equally as much pleasure if not more and a great memory to boot.
    The pic below is off my son in law.
    It was all the more memorable as it was his first real crack at Salmon fishing. Water lower than a Snakes Belly, Mid June, small river (S.Esk) how hard can it get
    Set him up with a 10' 6/7# rod, full floater n size 16 Silver Ally's. Told him to concentrate on this particular spot and Bingo.
    As for myself, iv'e added one too. It's not my biggest by a long way, but the condition of the fish, colour and shape just stick with me. Again from the Southie.
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    Bill Cook

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    Not one - but three back in May 2010 - on the fly with about 3 casts between each one, lost a fourth then that was it - off the Long Pool on CAA's water on the Eden.
    All three fought like the devil. I've had a few quite a lot bigger, but never such a beautiful set of fish.
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    A good Sea Trout caught on the River Laerdal, Norway.
    This was my first fish from my first visit to Norway.

    And this my best Springer to date caught on the River Tummel.
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    What a fish 😍

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mac1780 View Post
    Must be this one, my first ever springer. Caught on home tied Willie Gunn tube fly on main Tyne above Corbridge 17th Feb 2017.
    24lb bar of silver.
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    Remember seeing the pic of that one when you caught it, belting fish

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    Default Alaska

    Here is one I bonked in Alaska in 2007
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    If I'm not fishing, then I am wishing.

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    Attachment 42576One from the Teith from the good old days

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishfly View Post
    Attachment 42576One from the Teith from the good old days
    I always like to see Teith fish.
    Pity the attachment isn't working.
    Respect My Authorita!!

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