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    Default Not a bad morning’s results Restigouche River, 1946

    Notice the single-handed rod.




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    Two truly Remarkable fish one wonders how long it took to land them on a single-handed fly rod and how his arms felt afterward.
    I know how mine felt one day landing a 12lb Salmon on a 6/7# hardy deluxe and that was modern at the time.

    Started with nothing and still have most of it left

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    Any idea on the weights,'both look over 30 lb but it is hard to say as he is standing well behind them. Always make me laugh when people say you can not pull as hard on a short rod. That is why the deep sea rods are all 15 foot long. Love to see that tuna fight.

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    Certainly puts into perspective what we have lost.

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    He is not standing all that far back from the fish.
    These are both massive fish, well over 40 and probably approaching 50 lbs.

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    Camera is a decent distance and he's not far behind the fish.
    The one on the left is about shoulder height so assuming the guy is around average height the fish on the left is about 56-57" long.
    The only calculator I can find which goes up that far on length alone puts it over 70lb.
    I hope I'm right and the guy isn't unusually short.

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    Both look 50+ to me !

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    Guesstimate the one on the left is 57lb and the one on the right around 52lb. Absolute stonkers anyway and is that a gaff mark each on their shoulders in the same place. Total cynic in me says these fish were not caught using that rod & reel but if they were then fair play to that man as it must have been some scrap and he has done well to stop they brutes emptying the reel and leaving a pool . Love pictures like these and thanks for posting. Back in to add that having looked at the reel in the picture it appears to be of decent size and width so i believe he may have actually landed them using this outfit. Gee i hope the OP does not come back in another few posts to inform they were taken from a netting station !
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    No idea why we don't see fish like that these days

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    Wow - impressive fish but this always makes me a little sad in terms of what’s been lost. I can’t help but think what the fishing would be like today if all those big breeders had been released to spawn for a bunch of generations!

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