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Thread: Moggy Photos

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    Quote Originally Posted by Safranfoer View Post
    It’s the saliva you’re allergic to. You’d be less allergic to a clackersack as there’s less surface area of cat coated in spit, and no shedded spitty fur lying around. My cats are low allergen as they only have the short curly base fur not the top coat, so they barely shed any fur at all and have less spitty fur on them. But they’d get you in the end.

    They clear my ex-husband from the house in 10 minutes. He can only stay for 1, in an ordinary cat house.
    I didnt know about the saliva, cheers for that. I thought it was just the cat hair itself but wonderd why im fine with dogs and other animals.
    Also its a great excuse to get out of going to peoples houses if they have cats.

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    This is Haimish who was my other cat. An American Maine C00n which are the largest breed of domestic cat you can buy. I would dearly love to state that he and Dave were the best of mates but alas they used to scrap like and cat. The black stuff on his nose is food or soil or possibly soot from out of thew chimney breast which he used to climb up on regular occasions.

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    It's all very well using WW2 analogies when referring to Brexit - 'spirit of the blitz' and all that. Imagine the curious atmosphere though if you were sitting in your air raid shelter looking around and realising that half of the people around you had voted to get bombed

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    I have red wine, peanut M&Ms, a good book and my favourite frazzle-whiskered batfink warming my lap.



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    Thanks for the thread DCH.

    Dogs have owners, cats have servants.

    Here's Alaska. At 1 year old, he was booted by some ****** and he arrived back at the house with half his guts in a huge hernia. Vet patched him up superbly. About 9 months later some other ****** shot him in the stomach with an airgun. Vet did a superb job again patching him up. He still has the pellet in his kidney but no lasting effects. Although he's a family cat, really he's my daughter's cat (or she is his servant). They are best buddies and he follows her everywhere. When he decides to visit my lap, often I just find myself with a big smile on my face as I'm stroking his chin. He gives you a 1 minute warning by gently tapping the tip of his tail - ignore it and you'll have 20 claws and 4 canine teeth embedded in your hand in a flash. He doesn't let go unless you stop moving altogether. He's about 6 now and doing great. He is half Maine **** and half ginger tabby hence his colour.

    This is Jasper. He's nearly 14 now and only just starting to show his age. Another lovely cat, will come and sit on my lap all the time. He was a rescue cat - his mum Jenny had a full litter of Tabby's like Jasper but also took on a litter of black kittens and adopted them after their mum had died a few days after giving birth. We got Jasper and Jet, his black adopted brother who was also an incredibly friendly cat, sadly no longer with us. I don't have a photo of Jet on my phone - he loved his tummy being tickled and would just jump onto your lap and roll straight onto his back for a tummy rub.


    I managed to train Jet n Jasper. Alaska is as thick as two short planks. Jasper is the most intelligent cat I've ever had - sometimes he's laid on my chest facing me (this is how he wakes up his man-servant for food) and if I sneeze, he will imitate me sneezing.
    I trained them both to come for a walk with me and my daughter before the morning school trip. They'd follow us into the woods for a few hundred yards then all the way back.

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    Meeooowww 😂😂

    Some cool cats there walleye 👍


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    Trying to reach page 5............

    Quite weird but my office computer refused to open page five for me. Even when I made a test post it did not redirect to this page, spooky.

    Some may notice some deletions within the thread, would it be possible to post pictures and comments if you enjoy cats as pets?

    Why would anyone seek to derail a picture gallery thread about pet cats with discussions of feral cats and or the shooting of cats?

    Don't like them, cool. Really though why not allow those who do like them to have a discussion?

    And this trolling business? I'm not a twitter - Instagram - facebook user so I never really caught on to a lot of the lingo of social media. Shading - trolling - shaming whatever leave it at the door here because we don't have 2 billion users and moderators who are overwhelmed. We have a small active group and why not examine your own behavior within that small active group?

    Seriously, it pains me to see people doing whatever it takes to passively get under someone else's skin just for fun. Maybe I'm lacking in my social skills but that is something I never practiced. In most cases I defer to the old rule; Better to remain silent and be thought a fool that to open ones mouth to remove all doubt.

    Now I'm on with the day, it finally snowed here and I must go pick up a truck load of fine gravel so I can keep up with the icy conditions on our own small lane here. What a giant pain in the butt!

    I have no real problem with snow, yeah there's the plowing and shoveling but that icy slip & slide stuff that's the real pain here.

    Didn't used to be this way. Things got cold by October and when the snow fell it stayed as snow. Now snow falls on ground and lanes that aren't frozen and the base layer melts yielding ice! That base layer of ice will be here now until spring!

    They have a saying where I grew up, it sucks!

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