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    Default Geese Over Stirling

    Took a walk into Stirling this afternoon and just as I reached the town centre the sound of hundreds of geese approaching steadily increased to an almost deafening pitch.
    Overhead the sky was filled with several battalions as far as the eye could see. A pretty impressive sight. You can fairly clearly see the top V at the top left of the photo and if you look immediately below you will see another formation dropping down behind the branches with the bottom leg trailing out behind the lower middle trees beyond the right side of the photo. That was only 2 of the many groups that continued overhead for several minutes. Isn't nature wonderful?
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    We were on the alness on 14th Oct and we saw huge flocks going north fantastic sight and very noisy, they would go in one direction and then suddenly do a right angled turn and fly off into the distance.

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    There is some pile of geese in that photo!!!

    What a sight that would have been.
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    Yes, nature is wonderful, but I strongly doubt that most people are still aware of it! You watch your mobile phone’s screen and what happens around does not count anymore, it’s all about Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and the likes!
    Here in Middle Norway ( 63˚ North) we could see the same about two weeks ago, impressive flights of geese and cranes heading south, but when I mentioned it to my neighbours, nobody had noticed! Unreal!
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    I've had a few very large skeins pass over the house the past few mornings and what a noise they make, they usually come from the field just over the hill at the back of the house, quite a few in this one


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    I had my last day on the Don at Kemnay a week past Wednesday. Only saw one fish, but the skeins coming over low were mental. They seemed to be heading to a field just upstream of me.

    It was one of those rare occasions that I really wanted a shotgun rather than a fly rod in my hand! Christ it would have been very easy pickings and Niamh was with me to have picked up any in the water. She was sitting on the riverbank next to me watching every single goose going past

    I miss the ex for one reason....the annual supply of pinkers many flies, so little time!

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    Fished last week out at Kinross trout fishery and seen geese in numbers i have never seen before , thousands flying about all day. Old fisherman i was with said he has never seen that amount of geese ever before in Scotland and he is long in the tooth .

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