Nipped up to Doune this morning for a couple of hours.
Anyone who has fished the Bridge Pool will know why I have headed thethread "staggering"
The rocks and ledges are like walking on pure ice and with a wee push behind you can be interesting.
The Brig O' Teith seen from the pool below.

A wee slip and slide later, in between getting a cast off whilst keeping balance.
Then followed absolute pantomime. After taking the snap, I unhooked the fish and tossed the flamethrower upstream. She swam away strongly then out of the corner of my eye I spotted the rod following her. She had shot away and foul hooked herself. What a pain trying to control a foul hooked fish, serves me right I suppose.

Next up an even more interesting slide down the Island Stream.
The eagle eyed amongst you will just catch the sight of the castle middle left.

After that, off to lunch at the B.D. hut, nothing as lavish as yesterday, but there is still great satisfaction in scoffing 2 link sausage filled rolls and 2 mugs of tea. And 2 snowballs.
Perfect end to a perfect morning.
Geese in the loch.