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Thread: Goats toe

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    Default Goats toe

    I like this on the dropper at certain times or on the point in lower water when weed can be a problem if you fish too deep.


    I like a long hackle but in some publications itís a lot shorter. Anyone know the recommended size in the original ?

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    Default Goats Toe

    A fine example of a fly that sometimes escapes my attention in the fly box.
    I've done well with it on still waters too when chasing rainbows, a habit I'm finding it increasingly difficult to kick!
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    Called into Farlows a few years back to be told they did not have them... an 'Oirish Fly' was the given excuse!

    Effing brilliant fly for both Sea Trout and Salmon whether or not in Ireland or anywhere else. I would never be without one in my fly box.

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    A freind of mine tied me a variation of the goats has a green tail and a white pearly body.the body material on body is dubbed on.and like the original goats toe it works well for sea trout and salmon..he calls it a pearly goats may have heard of it

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