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    Default Echo 119/4 and other Trout two handers


    I have a 10'6" 5wt two hander I use for large river inland brown & rainbow Trout swung fly, spey cast. Mostly tube fly's fall through spring and then wets, soft hackles late spring through early fall.

    I prefer spey shooting heads of tapers most often referred to as Scandinavian or Triangle.

    I would like to try a longer rod but not overly powerful.

    I would appreciate any experience those here have with the Echo 11'9" 4wt or other similar.


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    Default Decho 1194

    Sparky, the Decho 11'9" #4 is medium action spey/skagit rod and imho ideally suited to swinging wet flies and small tubes for trout on medium sized rivers ....

    ... but I think it is extremely difficult for me to give you an objective opinion on the rod. I suggest you test-drive before buying; I can send one over to you (free of charge and with no obligation to buy) to try-out. The only obligation on your part is that you agree to cover return-postage (to Europe) if you find that the action doesn't suite you or you don't like the rod

    Drop me a PM or mail if you are interested.


    PS - almost forgot this - the ECHO DH 4119 has a grain window of 270-390, I would recommend using a scandi compact 270gr or a 300g and for sink-tip fishing larger flies a skagit compact of 360gr or 390gr.
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    Thank you for the reply.

    My understanding is the DH (Dec Hogan) series Echo's are quite soft. The 7wt I have wagled confirms this. It sounds like the 119/4 is "medium" action from what you write, which I prefer.

    Does it have a little more butt than the 7wt?

    I use 10' versi spey leaders and at times the Airflo 8' T7 tip for larger tube flys. Prefer to nip back a Scandi head a little for increase power rather than resort to Skagit.

    My 10 1/2' 5wt switch is similar action the the Echo same. IYO is the 119/4 similar power to the Echo 5wt switch?

    Basically, I am looking for increased length (large river) over 5 wt switch for improved airborn casts when wading deeper with similar power as 5 wt switch yet, not noodle like soft. Hard to find such Trout sized.

    I am in the Western New York region of the U.S. of A. I appreciate the generous offer but, don't see it as a fit with such great distance.
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    I don't think the Decho's are soft at all, they have a nice progressive taper that works best with a slower casting stroke allowing the rod to bend deep and do the work for you. As far as I'm concerned they have plenty of power and backbone in them. That said the Echo Switch rods are quite a bit faster though so if you want a fast tippy rod I don't think the Decho is the rod for you. If possible you should try it out to see for yourself though, I think they are a very nice casting rod.

    Seeing you're in the US it might be worth checking out some of Bob Meisers rods as well? He also has some real nice trout speys. Or if you want something real fast maybe see if you can try out the Sage TCX? I've been very happy doing business with Stuart in the past but from the US you could do a lot worse then get in touch with Poppy at the Red Shed in Idaho - he'll do you a similar deal as Stuart proposed for sure.

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    I agree what CB said get in touch with Poppy (didnt realise you were in the States)

    Interesting to read what CB thinks about the action of the dechos - I personally think that they do have a medium action but as CB says tonnes of power. I have an aggressive casting style, and no patience, I personally prefer a slightly faster rod.

    I fish both the #4 and #5 switches for sea trout (sea run browns) both of them are faster than the dechos, its difficult for me to give you an honest opinion on comparison of power between the decho and the sr's because I dont fish the decho's all that much. But even though they may feel a tad "noodly" when you pick one up and give it a wiggle, they certainly are very different out fishing. Loads of power in reserve - but sloooow your stroke down (see above, why I dont fish with them).

    If Pops doesn't want to send a rod over to the East Coast (I cant imagine why he wouldn't) then I suggest you contact Jamie or Randy at Rajeff sports (360-694-2900) I'm sure they will be more than pleased to help you out.

    Good luck & have fun.
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    I ordered the Echo 119/4 from a local shop. They do not stock that two hander so it was sight unseen. I will let you know after I have fished the Trout two hander several times.

    Very limited selection available for Trout two handers over 11' and I did not want to over spend as is the case imo with many rods on the market these days.

    Maybe a little softer than I am used to but, can adjust.

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    Picked up the rod and have enjoyed it for inland trout. Very easy casting rod .



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    Sparky, glad you liked the rod. What do you think of the action and how would you rate it (soft, medium etc). Out of interest which line did you load it with?
    get out there ....

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    Medium slow action. It does not bend to the cork but, above it. I can not comment about the line used until this fall but, will share it was a total of 310 grains over a shortish 32' and that weight includes the 10' tips which are 65 grains (no it's not a Skagit either). Loaded the rod very well, easily though a bit short for ideal.

    Suprised at how easy casting the rod was frankly, just let the rod do the work. Singles, snakes,snaps and my least favorite doubles were all noticeably MUCH easier than the short fast switch rod, especially when wade a bit deeper.

    The rods finish is "ok" meaning wraps, etc. The guides are nice quality. Handle configure well thought, I liked it. The blank straight. Biggest disappointment was the large amount of filler used on the cork or the cork quality, I used tung oil / cork sealer on it to prevent likely future fall out. It's a value rod so I can live with it. It's the blank / action I was concerned with and wanted and am overly happy / impressed with that. I may even swap out a larger two hander of mine thats quite fast for a Decho (echo dec hogan) I like the action that much and it fished well. Just does a lot of things right on auto pilot with ease, very consistent to cast long hours fishing and loads up well in close also. Last I found the softer action easier / more feel to throw a upstream mend in.

    A lot of positives to write and NO I am not team Echo in any way In fact I have never owned one prior but, I liked the action that much as rods get faster with less feel. I wish they made a whole series of 11'9" same action frankly as I like that length also.

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    Thanks for the review Sparky! I feel exactly the same about the #7 decho I have and this just re-sparked my interest in the 'baby decho' again to compliment the #4 SR ...

    Nice pictures as well, your inland trout looks exactly like the one's we catch in the sea over here.

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