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    Default John Norris P3 Single hand rods?

    Anyone using a John Norris P3 single hander? I'm interested in a 10' 7wt for general Sea trouting; Are they any good etc? worth a punt or better off spending on a big named rod?


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    Behind you just after you've waded through the best bit of the run...


    Hi Stoaty,
    Sorry I missed your question back in May (heart surgery intervened)...but I bought one of these very rods last season. It was only ever intended as a back-up, but has quickly become the number one choice to the extent that the Redington & the Scierra stay in their tubes.
    It is exceptionally good value, and I was surprised at how good it is both casting & playing fish.
    I don't know where you fish or the usual size of the sea trout you're likely to encounter...but the rod has coped just fine with the big, bruising, rainbows at the Lake of Menteith with no problems.
    I've mainly been using it for overhead casting from the boat, so can't comment on prolonged roll casting on rivers.
    For the price, I'd say go for it...if it doesn't suit the river you'll have a cracking new reservoir rod !
    Keep on rocking in the free world...

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