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    Default Switch Line - Guideline Exceed 11' 7#


    I am posting a question for a friend.

    Could anybody suggest a suitable switch line for a Guideline Exceed 11' 7# ? He intends to use it primarily for spey casting, as opposed to overhead.

    I have searched on the forum for this exact question , but have been unable to find it.

    I don't own a switch rod so cant help him myself directly. I understand matching lines to switch rods can be confusing for the inexperienced.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Airflo rage compact 360gr if he likes a light line or if he prefers sustained anchor casts like the double.spey or the snap casts the 390gr
    Id rather have something I don't need than need something I haven't got!!

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    If you google airflo rod line recommendations then you will find a chart that they have made.
    The guideline exceed switch rod is it so that's probably a good place to start.

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    You won't go wrong with a Gaelforce 7/8 switch line, poetry in motion.

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    I work 20g shooting heads with my LXi #7 (trout) switch rod and I'd expect your friends rod has the same gram window. For sunray work (lots of line stripping) I move over to a WF #7 line. Last season it was a Barrio trout #7 line which spey casted very well amd turned everything over nicely but the lack of marker between thinner running line and thicker head was annoying me so this season I've set-up a Guideline 20g Bullet line. Slightly more aggressive head design with clear colour changes so i can "re-load" more accurately.
    (line spec here: Bullet EVOLVE : Guideline)

    If you read between the lines, and my earlier posts/comments, I'm not a believer in "salmon" rated switch rods. To me these are simply very small double handers. Your friend's rod and mine are single handers which can be used very effectively to cast double handed if required.

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    Don CurlyHorny Guest


    I have the Exceed 11 8#. I think its rated 18-20g (280 - 310grains i think)

    Remember the single digit rod line weights are trout rated and not salmon, which im sure you know

    Tune into the stated gram / grain weights, anything over that will kill the rod

    I use a guideline switch multi tip, i think rated in a 6 (bizarrely) which was the correct gram / grain weight rating for my exceed 8. I would suspect you are looking for the guideline switch 5, but id check.

    Its a perfect match

    The line comes with a floating line and interrated running line which helps the line through the rings when playing fish, also inty and sink tip (which i never use)

    I believe the guideline bullet lines also match these rods well.

    underrated rods

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