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    Of the two hooks Sash quoted there, there is quite a pronounced difference.Size for size, the Partridge is slightly finer in the wire, has a shorter point and a less pronounced out turned point, slightly wider bend too.
    The Drury hook is heavier grade, much longer point, slightly narrower in the bend, bigger barb and I'd say stronger hook all round.
    Both hooks are very good and I'll use both, however my preference is for the Partridge as I've said, but if your at the stage where thinking about the hooks you use is making a difference to your fishing, having options is no bad thing.

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    Thanks for all the replies. In the end I went for the Patriot Double with upturned eye and Nordic's for hitch flies although as I've a good selection of singles from other walks of fishing life a few carp, barbel and trout singles will also find their way into the tube fly box.

    All the responses really helped me to focus in so thanks again.

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    I am a relatively recent convert to salmon fishing and I have had success with Kamasan size 8 175ís on the dropper. I concur with drawing blood when tying trebles so all are shop bought....pouch. I have never tied doubles so the above information is very helpful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikh View Post

    Why not try Esmond Drury treble hooks I've found them to be very reliable.

    ED trebles for me too, love the gold on francis type shrimp numbers
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    I've used these in the past and just took delivery today of a few more.

    Good strong wee hooks.


    Being trout hooks they're much smaller than salmon hooks for the stated size. A size 12 in these make for great little shrimp flies.
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