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Thread: Leader help

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    Default Leader help

    Fishing with a rio versatip fly line and have been told to fish with a 17 ft leader. so if I put a polytip on the end of my versatip is it part of my leader. or part of my fly line if that makes sense

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    I think Iím right in saying the versi tip is part of your main line set up, and the versi leader/poly leader is an extra add on should you want to use one or not.i sure some of the more experienced guys will correct me if Iím wrong.

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    Your polyleader/versi leader(not polytiip as you describe)is part of your leader so if its a 10fter then add 7 ft tippet to make up 17ft leader,i usualy use a leader the length of the rod ie 13ft rof =10ft polyleader/versileader +3ft tippet of course i can use a longer tippet if conditions dictate but when the winds up or im wading deep or using big/heavy flies i stick to the rod length
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    deanevans,a poly tip IS a tapered leader simply covered in a sinking polymer.Yes you can and should use one on the end of your versatip line.Just remember that if your using a sinking versatip that you should use a sinking poly leader of the same sink rate or quicker.The 7ft of nylon is spot on too.It will help no end in your casting and presentation and much more importantly it will give you an extended sink tip! that will sink in a graduated way giving a good presentation of the flee.What you don't ever want is a steep angle between the floating belly and your flee.Much better to have a nice steady angle which will lead to better contact with the flee and it will also encourage the flee to fish on an even level.
    You may well be concerned about fishing like this.If you are try 5ft polys. on your versatips,thats how I fish on the Tweed a lot-ask Paul M.!
    It will extend the range and usefulness of your line by some margin and in a lot of cases you can fish like this without resorting to a full sinker!

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