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    In China, the true cost of Britain's clean, green wind power experiment: Pollution on a disastrous scale | Mail Online

    as we rush to meet co2 omission protocols the truth about green energy is being hidden and it appears wind power is not the great savior ,solar still has huge probs so we are still in the grip of fossil and atomic for a wee bit yet ....what is the truth about "green" energy .
    we are going to build a massive man made lake in the great glen to act as a "battery" to soak up green wind power ,but do the sums add up ?

    i think the solar feed in tarrif is a huge con and doubt the sums involved will ever add up ,tax free was the bait but i doubt panels in the uk will deliver ,it also looks like wind is far from efficient either ...still a lot of work to be done me thinks ....a combination of wind and solar on every new house combined with better insulation would be a help but the power business is all about profit ....... and lots of it ...these windfarms that are appearing all over the country are really all about big profit and little to do with "green " energy .

    why has liquefied gas not been more widely used on new vehicles ,a simple law/incentive to make every new vehicle bi fuel would help ...its about half the price of petrol/diesel but still its being ignored ...why ?

    there was a jap vehicle that came with a compressor that could charge a vehicle off of home gas quickly died a death ....whats really going on here ? are the multinationals just too big and have too much say ?
    and is the "power" business all what it appears ?
    electricity and gas prices are just ridic and getting dearer it just another con job ? whats really going on here ? is green power just a big corporate monster that needs caged ?
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